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So, here I am in Manassas, VA. My 26 year old son is proud of me for having the courage to make this change and that feels so good. I can buy a round trip bus ticket for $55 and visit him in NYC. I love politics; I’m 25 miles from the nations capital.

I love my life!


My new life

At age 55, I have totally upended my life. Two months age, my boss suggested she might want my resignation. I was not only stunned but terrified. At my age, would I be able to find another job? After much discussion with my son, I decided to transfer to the East Coast. I grew up in N.C. and have always wanted to return. I looked for jobs within my company in hopes of transferring. My peers advised me to expect it to take 6 months to a year. One month later, I had a firm job offer in Northern Virginia with my company. So, here I am, sitting on the floor typing this post.

I have an apartment but my stuff from Texas won’t be here for another 3 weeks. I’m sleeping on an air mattress; there aren’t overhead lights in the bedrooms so I have to go to the kitchen to read after dark. Even though I got a raise, I bring home less money because of state taxes. I sit on the floor to eat dinner and I use a shoe box as a table. Because I have an impaired sense of direction, I get lost frequently.


I’ve never written a blog before so we’ll e how this all progresses.

Hello world!

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